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Valid Blocks

In less than 24 hours, the epoch change will trigger all the new functionalities we’ve been eagerly waiting for! You can check the remaining time on

To make this a smooth delegation experience, we decided to share the tentative timeline, so here it goes!

14:00 UTC (16:00 Romanian Time)

After yesterday’s mainnet upgrade, Phase 3 — Open Delegation is just around the corner!

What is this Phase 3.. ?

Currently, there are 2.169 nodes in the network, each one with 2.500 $EGLD staked. The total amount $EGLD staked is 5.422.400 $EGLD. Apart from these, at the time of this…

We’re celebrating the website launch with 7 EGLD (currently worth over $1.000) for 7 lucky winners:

🥇 1st prize — 3 EGLD for one lucky winner
🥈 2nd prize — 1.5 EGLD for one lucky winner
🥉 3rd prize — 0.5 EGLD for five lucky winners

💡 In order to…

I still remember the first interactions with the typing software “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing”.

It was around 1994, and I was learning to type on an IBM Thinkpad 755C, without looking at the keyboard!

Mavis Beacon would encourage me after each drill, with phrases like “Look out world, here comes…

Valid Blocks

Blockchain validation services for big and SMALL investors.

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